Compiled videos DCIM event Sydney

1. DCM Master event overview finecut with titles

2. Presentations

2. John Brand, Forrester Research

1. John Simpson, CEO ANZ Emerson Network Power

3. Sean Nicholson, Emerson Network Power VP Global Sales Engineering - Avocent Products & Services USA

4. Baz Khuti, Emerson Network Power VP Engineering & CTO

3. Panel session questions/responses

1. How do you justify DCIM investments?

2. How do we rationalise a data centre solution and with a push into the cloud, how does DCIM sit in this environment?

3. Does Trellis roll up into high enterprise reporting systems like “True”?

4. How does the Trellis platform interface with passive IT interface management like patch panels and optical fibre enclosures?

5. We’re trying to change our relationship with our customers into a partnership by improving access to their information onsite. Can DCIM provide direct access to this information as an enabler?

6. How does Trellis do it?

7. What areas of Trellis would be useful for customers who co-locate in a data centre?

8. Do you see the Trellis platform as a replacement for building management systems and controlling these systems?

9. How does device discovery and interrogation work with Trellis?