The Mayor's Celebration of Lights Boston

The Mayor's Celebration of Lights Boston

BROADCAST, social and News

∑ ∞ staff have extensive experience creating strategies and producing newsworthy content for major campaigns, and can organise every stage of a video-based campaign from strategy, production, to domestic and international distribution and campaign analysis. We are also specialists in creating still and moving imagery to complement in-house and/or agency campaigns. 


Big Red Run Charity Event daily social media edit (Day 4)

Parrtjima Festival of Light

Lights of Christmas Sydney

The Mayor's Celebration of Lights Boston

Vivid Sydney

Case Study

Sum of Infinity was contracted to provide media services for Vivid Sydney 2012, working closely with a range of stakeholders including The Sydney Opera House, Vivid Ideas and many others, as well as  PR agency partners such as Avviso, production companies and time lapse artists. Two Video News Releases VNRs (English/Mandarin) achieved coverage in more than 150 countries including key tourism markets across Asia, Europe and the Americas, promoting Sydney and Vivid Sydney to hundreds of millions of viewers.