Production stills from the film Samburu Moran, a  documentary about a Candombe Comparsa filmed in Montevideo Carnival Uruguay in 2018. Candombe is a cultural practice with roots in colonial slavery, now a proud contemporary statement of Afro-Latino identity in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. Recently completed and submitted for festival consideration. 

Productions stills from MUTHAA MIBURLDA NGAD | Translation (literal): MUCH EYE ME. A collaborative film about a group of Indigenous artists returning to their homeland of Bentinck Island, the inspiration for their art and the land of their heritage, culture and language. Forcibly removed as children, they return with their family and granchildren to the remote island in order to pass on stories, language, and knowledge of country to the next generation of young ones. To be screened at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) in 2018. 

Production stills from the feature-length experimental documentary Audition Colorée. Referencing poetic film essayists such as Chris Marker, the film interrogates ideas of language, place, time and memory. Filmed in Mongolia, Tibet, China, Kenya, Japan, Australia, the US and Korea. Merging location footage with NASA, found and archival materials, Audition Colorée secured a wide range screenings in film festivals in the US and Europe. 

Ghostnet Artists of Pormpuraaw: A short documentary about an Indigenous community in Far North Queensland turning commercial fishing pollution into world renowned artworks. Versions published in the Guardian UK/US and AU as well other outlets across Europe and the US. Guardian version viewable here.

The Power Within. A short documentary produced for the Guardian about mining towns in post-boom Queensland staging a region-wide musical in the midst of an uncertain future and the proposed Adani coal mine development. Guardian version viewable here.

A performance by Bukhchuluun Ganburged, throat singer and musician, within a shaman community in remote Mongolia.