As media platforms converge and social channels multiply, rising above the noise becomes an intensifying challenge. At ∑ ∞ (Sum of Infinity) we understand that disruption in shifting media environments also presents opportunities for those willing to embrace change. With advanced digital production techniques now more accessible, compelling messages inspiring meaningful connection can be created without imposing budgets.

And whilst change is constant, we are also committed to the principle that fresh ideas, vision and skilful execution will always deliver recognition and value, no matter the medium.

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We take pride in working collaboratively and imaginatively, whether it be large-scale transnational media campaigns, branded content, supporting the social justice goals of NGOs and charities, or helping you connect to stakeholders at a community level.

As a deliberately compact agency our services are highly scalable—meaning you can rely on proven expertise tailored to your needs without paying big agency overheads. For audiovisual and screen content services, we specialise in deploying the latest technologies that can deliver high-end results in almost any location.

We have worked successfully in locations as diverse as Madagascar, Mongolia, China, Japan, Kenya, Uruguay, the US and remote and regional Australia.

Our services include: 

 ∑ ∞ is the audiovisual creative partner to the Sydney-based agencies Articulate and The Golden Mean, focusing on the arts, creative and cultural industries.